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Please order a commercial macro only if you have at least intermediate experience with CorelDraw and macros. Try FREE macros here and see my help pages to learn. If you see a macro available for a lower version of Draw and not a newer or current version please ask and perhaps I can make it available. I continue the popular macros and possibly discontinue macros that aren't so popular, or that I do not use myself. And YES, I use almost all of these macros in my own daily workflow! You agree to all terms and conditions here when buying a commercial macro or free GDG Macros.
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CorelDraw X7 is here! All commercial macros will be paid upgrades. See my upgrade policy here. I upgrade macros upon request. Email and let me know which macro you need for X7. All macros without a request will be discontinued. I release them when I can so please be patient.

getting started with vba for coreldraw
How do you use them? Install them?

Macro are easy to install. Some come with an installer. You just click on the installer and they install automatically. Of course restart corelDraw after installing. Others come as a single GMS file. Extract or copy the GMS file to C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Draw\GMS if using CorelDraw x4, and the same location in other versions too. After installing the macro either by and installer or by copying the GMS file to the correct location then you need to put a shortcut in CorelDraw so you can run it. Go to Tools>Customize

tools options customize macros
Then click on Macros from the dropdown box as shown in the next picture below. A list of all of your installed GMS files will then appear. You can drag the one you need to a desired place on one of your toolbars (or create a custom tool bar just for macros). Using the Shortcut Keys tab you can assign a shortcut key to the macro. Using the Appearance Tab you can change th appearance of the icon for your new macro.
place icon for macro
vba help

How do I use the code you gave me?

If you just want to use a piece of code that I gave you, or you got from someone else here's how to use it.

It's best to set up one gms for your simple code macros like this one.

Close coreldraw.

Go to C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Draw\GMS and make a blank new text doc and name it simple.gms, where "simple" can be any name of your choosing.

Make sure you remove the .txt extension so it will now be simple.gms

Start coreldraw.

Go to tools>macros>macro editor, or enable the macro toolbar and click it there.

On the left you should be able to find the file you made in the project explorer.

See image:

how to use code for macro

Always give your new module a name the same way.

You can copy and paste your code directly into the new module using large area on the right.

You can play the macro by clicking the play button on the top, or setting up a shortcut button or key by going to tools>options>customize..

paste code for vba macro here

I hope this helps to get you started.
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