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Please order a commercial macro ONLY if you have at least intermediate professional experience with CorelDraw and macros, no beginners PLEASE. Try FREE macros here and see my help pages to learn. Clients agree to all terms and conditions here when buying a commercial macro and using the available free macros. No refunds, no exchanges.
Note: Macros do not function in the Home & Student Edition or Pirated Versions of CorelDraw!
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CorelDraw X8 and some v.2017 macros available as well as older versions. Not all macros are guaranteed to be continued due to compatibility reasons or other. See new version policy here. Contact me and let me know which macro you need for v.2017. All macros without a request might be discontinued.
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GDG NodeManipulator 2 for X4 or X5

GDG NodeManipulator 2 for X4 or X5

A macro that is a blast to use. This macro does amazing and handy things with nodes and shapes. Here are a few of the features:
-Add, Remove, Clean Nodes.
-Highlight Nodes, Start Nodes.
-Swap Shapes.
-Select Nodes in different ways, example, every 4th node, or all nodes inside a shape.
-Join or connect nodes that are close to each other.
Save selections of nodes and shapes.
-Live Move! WOW!
-Move nodes Perpendicular and on Tangent. FUN!
-Align nodes to position or node. Aligns nodes in multiple shapes at once.
-Move Nodes Directionally.

The most fun you'll ever have with a macro!
This version is for X4 or X5 only.

Price: $19.99

Version Type:

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