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GDG Optimum Rotation for X4 and X5

GDG Optimum Rotation for X4 and X5

Macro to rotate shapes in any way possible. Use this to replace CorelDraw's default rotate function. Optimum rotation can rotate a shape until it's thinnest width or height is achieved. This is great for signmakers and the like, who need to fit items in a given width material. Simply click and the item is maximized horizontally or vertically.

Other features include:

Macro saves form position.
Quick collapse feature.
Rotate, flip, many shapes at once.
Operate on shapes inside powerclips.
Random rotation.
Easy to use rotation axis settings make rotation pivot just the way you need it to.
Copies, or apply to duplicate and on one or many shapes at a time!
Quick rotate 30, 45, 90, 180

Recommended Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Price: $9.99

Version Type:

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